An update on the Heartbleed OpenSSL vulnerability

Posted By: Avazio on Apr 09, 2014 in Blog, Help

It recently came to light that there was a serious programming error within OpenSSL, endangering encryption keys and data of SSL connections on the Internet. This allows anyone to read out the memory of vulnerable servers. Specifically, this means an attacker can read keys, passwords and other private information. There is more information about the …

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New Year, New Start

Posted By: Avazio on Jan 10, 2013 in Help

Happy New Year! With the new year we’re introducing some new features. Firstly, we’ve written up a little guide to help you get started with your web hosting package. It’s also useful for those of you that are thinking about starting  website and are yet to purchase.  Take a read. We’re also going to be …

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We’ve updated our One-Clicks!

Posted By: Avazio on Oct 04, 2012 in Help

Script, Version CMS Made Simple, 1.11.1 Crafty Syntax, 3.3.9 dotProject, 2.1.6 Drupal, 7.15 MediaWiki, 1.19.2 Moodle, 2.3.2 Openads, 2.8.9 Opencart, Open Web Analytics, 1.5.4 osCommerce Shopping Cart, 2.3.3 Roundcube Webmail, 0.8.1 Wordpress, 3.4.2 StatusNet, 1.1.0 Zenphoto, mantisBT, 1.2.11 PHProjeckt, 6.1.4 Textpattern, 4.5.1 Joomla, 2.5.7

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The new EU cookie law. What’s it all about?

Posted By: Avazio on Apr 29, 2012 in Help

We’ve had a lot of enquiries from customers asking how the new EU cookie law affects their websites and what they have to do to comply. We’ve written a quick guide on what the EU cookie law is and what (if anything) you need to do. What is this EU cookie law I keep hearing …

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Five must have WordPress security plugins

Posted By: Avazio on Jan 09, 2012 in Help

Whether you’re spring cleaning or getting started on new projects for 2012, it’s worth reviewing existing WordPress sites and setting up new ones for success over the coming year. We’ve picked out some of the best WordPress security plugins to help you safeguard your website.   Ultimate Security Checker This handy plugin will analyse and …

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