Forget ‘Do Not Track’ — Protect Your Privacy Today With ‘DoNotTrackMe’ Add-On

Posted By: Avazio on Dec 17, 2012 in Misc, Uncategorized

Image: bradleypjohnson/Flickr. The World Wide Web Consortium is currently working to standardize a “Do Not Track” mechanism to stop advertisers from following your every move around the web. Unfortunately, while the DNT tools are already supported in most web browsers, hardly any advertisers actually honor it. In fact, some advertisers seriously proposed an exception be …

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Gmail’s ‘Send and Archive’ Graduates From Gmail Labs

Posted By: Avazio on Dec 07, 2012 in Misc
Gmail’s ‘Send and Archive’ Graduates From Gmail Labs

Three of the most popular experiments from Gmail Labs are now features in Gmail, including an option to turn the traditional “Send” button into the more powerful “Send and Archive.”

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How much is your privacy worth?

Posted By: Avazio on May 10, 2012 in Misc

Most of us would shy away from making purchases in a foreign country if we didn’t know the exchange rate. Yet, if privacy is the true currency of the Internet, as many argue, millions of us are doing that very thing every day. Meanwhile, Internet giants amend their privacy policies in ways that allow them …

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5 new one-click installs added!

Posted By: Avazio on Nov 15, 2011 in Misc

We’ve added five brand new one-click installs to eXtend, simply log into your control panel and install them in seconds. As always, these one-click installs are absolutely free! Textpattern Textpattern is a standards-compliant content management system with an intuitive admin control panel and an active community. It’s surprisingly powerful yet simple to use, and benefits …

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One click installs updated!

Posted By: Avazio on Oct 22, 2011 in Misc

Just to you let you all know we’ve updated all our one click install scripts on our student packages. Because we manage all this in-house and don’t use a 3rd party like fantastico, we can pick and choose the best software and make sure it is always up to date! We currently have over 66 …

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