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Photoshop brushes are a quick and easy way to create some great images. Every designer needs an extensive collection because they are so versatile and can be used for everything from creating vector designs to adding intense texture – all in a couple of clicks. If you’re not familiar with using Photoshop brushes, check out these guides to installing brushes and using brushes.

There are literally thousands of websites offering Photoshop brushes out there, so it’s worth searching regularly to avoid missing out. If you’re comfortable with Photoshop, then creating your own brushes and offering them for download on your website is a great way to get visitors and backlinks.

Brush Sites

Although many of these sites also contain premium brush sets, there are plenty of high-quality free Photoshop brushes available too.

Brushlovers’ free brushes
Swimchick brushes
Biorust brushes
Fudge Graphics’ brushes
Get Brushes
GFX Fever
Trendy Robot
Free Photoshop brushes
Wow Brushes

7 days brushes
Photoshop Road Map
My Photoshop brushes
PS brushes
iDesign brushes
Brushes Download
Obsidian Dawn brushes
500ml brushes
Mel’s brushes
123 Free Brushes
Brush King

Brush Collections

Some of these are themed, some of these are extensive – all of them are worth checking out.

42 more subtle grunge brushes
First-rate Photoshop brush sites
2000 free Photoshop brushes
Rust brushes for Photoshop
500 free smoke Photoshop brushes
Floral brushes for Photoshop
Photoshop space brushes
50 must-have Photoshop brushes
30 free Photoshop swirl brushes
Innocent invaders Photoshop brushes set
1000 free high-resolution Photoshop brush sets
20 awesome high-quality abstract Photoshop brushes sets
50 insanely weird but awesome Photoshop brushes


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